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About Me

Mel Mack
Digital Marketing Queen
Bolshy Yorkshire Bird
Bullsh*t Filter

I'm the wrong side of 50, and have been working in marketing since 1993, specialising in digital since 1999, so I've seen enough successes and failures to usually know what to do (and crucially, what not to do) in business, marketing and in digital tactics.

I pride myself on cutting through the confusing and annoying layers of acronyms and technowaffle to get to the fundamentals of how digital can help us all to do business better, and fundamentally to make more money.

Sometimes my advice will be about how to adapt to enable more of your business to be done online, sometimes it may be how to upskill your staff to make digital communications easier, and sometimes it will be digital campaign activation - getting more people to your website, encouraging them to interact and spend more, and come back more often.

Whatever the size of the organisation, from sole-trader to international giant, I can make your digital better - and my promise is that you'll feel good about it, and be more able to spot and avoid the waffle for yourself for the future.

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