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Introduction to Our Ethical and Sustainability Policy

We're all thinking a lot more about the planet and the sustainability of human activities as we currently stand, and it's becoming more urgent by the day to address and reverse the negative impact we're having on the earth. 

It's also important to be a good citizen of the earth, which includes the communities, people and animals who rely on it. 

We hope our ethical and sustainability policy covers the main issues, but this will inevitably be a moving beast as we all learn more about the world around us, and how to leave it better than we found it.


Our aim as a company is to become a certified B Corp, and we will publish our performance and progress as we move towards that goal.      

We will...


Build Trust and Credibility


The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers and shareholders. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity and reaching company goals solely through honourable conduct. It is easy to say what we must do, but the proof is in our actions. Ultimately, we will be judged on what we do.


When considering any action, it is wise to ask: Will this build trust and credibility for? Will it help create a working environment in which we can succeed over the long term? Is the commitment I am making one I can follow through with? The only way we will maximise trust and credibility is by answering “yes” to those questions and by working every day to build our trust and credibility.


Respect the Individual


We all deserve to work in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect by colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers. We are committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the full potential in each of us, which, in turn, contributes directly to our business success. We cannot afford to let anyone’s talents go to waste.


Mack Digital is an equal employment/affirmative action employer and is committed to providing a workplace that is free of discrimination of all types and from abusive, offensive or harassing behaviour. Any employee who feels harassed or discriminated against should report the incident to his or her manager or to human resources.


All employees are also expected to support an inclusive workplace by adhering to the following conduct standards:


Treat others with dignity and respect at all times.


Address and report inappropriate behaviour and comments that are discriminatory, harassing, abusive, offensive or unwelcome.

Foster teamwork and employee participation, encouraging the representation of different employee perspectives.

Seek out insights from employees with different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.

Avoid slang or idioms that might not translate across cultures.

Support flexible work arrangements for co-workers with different needs, abilities and/or obligations.

Confront the decisions or behaviours of others that are based on conscious or unconscious biases.

Be open-minded and listen when given constructive feedback regarding others' perception of your conduct.

We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or any behaviour or language that is abusive, offensive or unwelcome.


Choose Sustainable Business Practices and Supplier Relationships


Mack Digital recognises that businesses can have a negative impact on the environment. We are committed, and enjoy, finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work both in the office and when work takes us away from the office.


It is our policy to:


  • Recycle as much waste material as possible

  • Avoid the use of paper wherever possible. For example, sending invoices and quotes via email as PDF files.

  • Recycling equipment that is no longer of use to the company. For example, giving away items such as computers and printers that we no longer use.

  • Keep energy usage low. For example, making use of low energy light bulbs throughout and ensuring that computers are shut down after work.

  • Reuse waste paper (from the printer) where possible, making use of the blank side for notes, etc.

  • Purchase products made with recycled paper. For example, paper towels, printer paper

  • Purchase products with a lower environmental impact. For example environmentally safe soaps and detergents.

  • Purchase from suppliers who have an ethical and sustainable business policy, in order to ensure our values are reflected throughout the supply chain.

  • Use low impact transport for travel to and from work and travel for business. For example, we primarily cycle to the station and use public transport for trips into London and client sites.

  • When we employ staff we will offer a Cycle Scheme to encourage staff to cycle to work.

  • Avoid unnecessary travel by making use of instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone, and email.


Create a Culture of Open and Honest Communication


Everyone should feel comfortable to speak his or her mind, particularly with respect to ethics concerns. Managers have a responsibility to create an open and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable raising such questions. We all benefit tremendously when employees exercise their power to prevent mistakes or wrongdoing by asking the right questions at the right times.


We will investigate all reported instances of questionable or unethical behaviour. In every instance where improper behaviour is found to have occurred, the company will take appropriate action. We will not tolerate retaliation against employees who raise genuine ethics concerns in good faith.


For your information, our whistleblower policy is as follows:

send an email to and your concern will be investigated. If you would like to give your name and be updated on progress , feel free to do so.


Employees are encouraged, in the first instance, to address such issues with their managers or the HR manager, as most problems can be resolved swiftly. If for any reason that is not possible or if an employee is not comfortable raising the issue with his or her manager or HR, our Founder does operate with an open-door policy.


Set the Tone at the Top


Management has the added responsibility for demonstrating, through their actions, the importance of this Code. In any business, ethical behaviour does not simply happen; it is the product of clear and direct communication of behavioural expectations, modelled from the top and demonstrated by example. Again, ultimately, our actions are what matters.


To make our Code work, managers must be responsible for promptly addressing ethical questions or concerns raised by employees and for taking the appropriate steps to deal with such issues. Managers should not consider employees’ ethics concerns as threats or challenges to their authority, but rather as another encouraged form of business communication. At Mack Digital, we want ethical considerations to become a natural part of daily work.


Uphold the Law, and the Public Spirit of the Law


Mack Digital’s commitment to integrity begins with complying with laws, rules and regulations where we do business. Further, each of us must have an understanding of the company policies, laws, rules and regulations that apply to our specific roles. If we are unsure of whether a contemplated action is permitted by law or company policy, we should seek the advice from the resource expert. We are responsible for preventing violations of law and for speaking up if we see possible violations.


We should also be mindful of actions that appear legal, but are not following the spirit of the law, such as using legal tax loopholes or cheap substandard equipment or supplier that would harm the environment more than a more expensive choice, or underpay their workers further down the supply chain.  


Encourage Healthy Competition


We are dedicated to ethical, fair and vigorous competition. We will sell our services based on their merit, superior quality, impact and competitive pricing. We will make independent pricing and marketing decisions and will not improperly cooperate or coordinate our activities with our competitors. We will not offer or solicit improper payments or gratuities in connection with the purchase of goods or services for our own use, or for that of our customers, nor will we engage or assist in unlawful boycotts of particular customers.


Look After Proprietary Information


It is important that we respect the property rights of others. We will not acquire or seek to acquire improper means of a competitor’s trade secrets or other proprietary or confidential information. We will not engage in unauthorised use, copying, distribution or alteration of software or other intellectual property.

We will not selectively disclose (whether in one-on-one or small discussions, meetings, presentations, proposals or otherwise) any material nonpublic information with respect to our company or our clients business operations, plans, financial condition, results of operations or any development plan.


Avoid Conflicts of Interest


Conflicts of Interest


We will avoid any relationship or activity that might impair, or even appear to impair, our ability to make objective and fair decisions when performing our jobs. At times, we may be faced with situations where the business actions we take on behalf of our company may conflict with our own personal or family interests. We owe a duty to Mack Digital to advance its legitimate interests when the opportunity to do so arises. We must never use company property or information for personal gain or personally take for ourselves any opportunity that is discovered through our position with Mack Digital.


Here are some other ways in which conflicts of interest could arise:


  • Being employed (you or a close family member) by, or acting as a consultant to, a competitor or potential competitor, supplier or contractor, regardless of the nature of the employment, while you are employed with Mack Digital.

  • Hiring or supervising family members or closely related persons.

  • Serving as a board member for an outside commercial company or organization.

  • Owning or having a substantial interest in a competitor, supplier or contractor.

  • Having a personal interest, financial interest or potential gain in any Mack Digital transaction.

  • Placing company business with a firm owned or controlled by a Mack Digital employee or his or her family.

  • Accepting gifts, discounts, favours or services from a customer/potential customer, competitor or supplier, unless equally available to all Mack Digital employees.

  • Determining whether a conflict of interest exists is not always easy to do. Employees with a conflict of interest question should seek advice from management. Before engaging in any activity, transaction or relationship that might give rise to a conflict of interest, employees must seek review from their managers or the HR department.


Gifts, Gratuities and Business Courtesies


Mack Digital is committed to competing solely on the merit of our products and services. We should avoid any actions that create a perception that favourable treatment of outside entities by Mack Digital was sought, received or given in exchange for personal business courtesies. Business courtesies include gifts, gratuities, meals, refreshments, entertainment or other benefits from persons or companies with whom Mack Digital does or may do business. We will neither give nor accept business courtesies that constitute, or could reasonably be perceived as constituting, unfair business inducements that would violate law, regulation or policies of Mack Digital or customers, or would cause embarrassment or reflect negatively on Mack Digital’s reputation.


Accepting Business Courtesies


Most business courtesies offered to us in the course of our employment are offered because of our positions at Mack Digital. We should not feel any entitlement to accept and keep a business courtesy. Although we may not use our position at Mack Digital to obtain business courtesies, and we must never ask for them, we may accept unsolicited business courtesies that promote successful working relationships and good will with the firms that Mack Digital maintains or may establish a business relationship with.


Employees who award contracts or who can influence the allocation of business, who create specifications that result in the placement of business or who participate in negotiation of contracts must be particularly careful to avoid actions that create the appearance of favouritism or that may adversely affect the company’s reputation for impartiality and fair dealing. The prudent course is to refuse a courtesy from a supplier when Mack Digital is involved in choosing or reconfirming a supplier or under circumstances that would create an impression that offering courtesies is the way to obtain Mack Digital business.


Meals, Refreshments and Entertainment


We may accept occasional meals, refreshments, entertainment and similar business courtesies that are shared with the person who has offered to pay for the meal or entertainment, provided that:


They are not inappropriately lavish or excessive.

The courtesies are not frequent and do not reflect a pattern of frequent acceptance of courtesies from the same person or entity.

The courtesy does not create the appearance of an attempt to influence business decisions, such as accepting courtesies or entertainment from a supplier whose contract is expiring in the near future.

The employee accepting the business courtesy would not feel uncomfortable discussing the courtesy with his or her manager or co-worker or having the courtesies known by the public.




Employees may accept unsolicited gifts, other than money, that conform to the reasonable ethical practices of the marketplace, including:


  • Flowers, fruit baskets and other modest presents that commemorate a special occasion.

  • Gifts of nominal value, such as calendars, pens, mugs, caps and t-shirts (or other novelty, advertising or promotional items).

  • Generally, employees may not accept compensation, honoraria or money of any amount from entities with whom Mack Digital does or may do business. Tangible gifts (including tickets to a sporting or entertainment event) that have a market value greater than £100 may not be accepted unless approval is obtained from management.


Employees with questions about accepting business courtesies should talk to their managers or the HR department.


Offering Business Courtesies


Any employee who offers a business courtesy must assure that it cannot reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to gain an unfair business advantage or otherwise reflect negatively upon Mack Digital. An employee may never use personal funds or resources to do something that cannot be done with Mack Digital resources. Accounting for business courtesies must be done in accordance with approved company procedures.


Other than to public sector customers, for whom special rules apply, we may provide nonmonetary gifts (i.e., company logo apparel or similar promotional items) to our customers. Further, management may approve other courtesies, including meals, refreshments or entertainment of reasonable value, provided that:


The practice does not violate any law or regulation or the standards of conduct of the recipient’s organisation.

The business courtesy is consistent with industry practice, is infrequent in nature and is not lavish.

The business courtesy is properly reflected on the books and records of Mack Digital.

Set Metrics and Report Results Accurately


Make Accurate Public Disclosures


We will make certain that all disclosures made in financial reports and public documents are full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable. This obligation applies to all employees, including all financial executives, with any responsibility for the preparation for such reports, including drafting, reviewing and signing or certifying the information contained therein. No business goal of any kind is ever an excuse for misrepresenting facts or falsifying records.


Employees should inform Executive Management and the HR department if they learn that information in any filing or public communication was untrue or misleading at the time it was made or if subsequent information would affect a similar future filing or public communication.


Maintain Corporate Recordkeeping


We create, retain and dispose of our company records as part of our normal course of business in compliance with all Mack Digital policies and guidelines, as well as all regulatory and legal requirements.


All corporate records must be true, accurate and complete, and company data must be promptly and accurately entered in our books in accordance with Mack Digital’s and other applicable accounting principles.


We must not improperly influence, manipulate or mislead any unauthorised audit, nor interfere with any auditor engaged to perform an internal independent audit of Mack Digital books, records, processes or internal controls.


Promote Substance Over Form


At times, we are all faced with decisions we would rather not have to make and issues we would prefer to avoid. Sometimes, we hope that if we avoid confronting a problem, it will simply go away.


At Mack Digital, we must have the courage to tackle the tough decisions and make difficult choices, secure in the knowledge that Mack Digital is committed to doing the right thing. At times this will mean doing more than simply what the law requires. Merely because we can pursue a course of action does not mean we should do so.


Although Mack Digital’s guiding principles cannot address every issue or provide answers to every dilemma, they can define the spirit in which we intend to do business and should guide us in our daily conduct.


Be Accountable


Each of us is responsible for knowing and adhering to the values and standards set forth in this Code and for raising questions if we are uncertain about company policy. If we are concerned whether the standards are being met or are aware of violations of the Code, we must contact the HR department.


Mack Digital takes seriously the standards set forth in the Code, and violations are cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Be Loyal


Confidential and Proprietary Information


Integral to Mack Digital’s business success is our protection of confidential company information, as well as nonpublic information entrusted to us by employees, customers and other business partners. Confidential and proprietary information includes such things as pricing and financial data, customer names/addresses or nonpublic information about other companies, including current or potential supplier and vendors. We will not disclose confidential and nonpublic information without a valid business purpose and proper authorization.


Use of Company Resources


Company resources, including time, material, equipment and information, are provided for company business use. Nonetheless, occasional personal use is permissible as long as it does not affect job performance or cause a disruption to the workplace.


Employees and those who represent Mack Digital are trusted to behave responsibly and use good judgment to conserve company resources. Managers are responsible for the resources assigned to their departments and are empowered to resolve issues concerning their proper use.


Generally, we will not use company equipment such as computers, printers in the conduct of an outside business or in support of any religious, political or other outside daily activity, except for company-requested support to nonprofit organisations. We will not solicit contributions nor distribute non-work related materials during work hours.


In order to protect the interests of the Mack Digital network and our fellow employees, Mack Digital reserves the right to monitor or review all data and information contained on an employee’s company-issued computer or electronic device, the use of the Internet or Mack Digital’s intranet. We will not tolerate the use of company resources to create, access, store, print, solicit or send any materials that are harassing, threatening, abusive, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive or inappropriate.


Questions about the proper use of company resources should be directed to your manager.



Do the Right Thing


Several key questions can help identify situations that may be unethical, inappropriate, ill-advised or illegal. Ask yourself:


  • Does what I am doing comply with the Mack Digital vision, values and mission?

  • Have I been asked to misrepresent information or deviate from normal procedure?

  • Would I feel comfortable describing my decision at a staff meeting?

  • Am I complying with the spirit, along with the letter of the law or policies?

  • Could I make a more sustainable or ethical choice?

  • Am I being loyal to my family, my company and myself?

  • How would it look if it made the headlines?

  • Will this leave the world a better place?

  • What would I tell my child to do?

  • Is this the right thing to do?


Information and Resources


Founder and CEO


Melanie Mack

07764 515002

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