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digital health check

Digital Health Check

Our recommended first step - because no cure is found without a diagnosis.


Let us peer into the depths of the data, the algorithms and ever-changing world of tech & media, and tell you - in layman's terms - what's wrong, why it matters, and how to fix it.

What Will You Do?

We will discuss your most important channels with you - the active ones, or would like to be, and undertake a thorough analysis of your current status - whether it's search results, website conversion rates, social media impact & engagement & email/other comms. 

What Will I receive? 

You will receive a comprehensive report on each agreed digital channel for instance:

Crucially - each section will include pointers that you can follow yourself to make it better. 

And That's It?

Yes. If you're happy & comfortable making changes yourself, you will have the tools and tips to improve your own digital activities, and not pay a penny more.

And What if I Don't Have the Time or the Energy to Do It Myself?

No problem. We can look after most of it for you, or will know someone who can. If you need help making some or all of it happen, we'll spell out how long it'll take, what it'll cost - with no hidden surprises.

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Search results 

where you appear in organic, paid & local.

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can customers find what they want, and are you maximising conversion opportunities.

Social Media

how effective are your content and advertising strategies.

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Email & CRM

is it working well for customer retention & growth.

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