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Tree Hugging and Proud

It may be contemplating the number of supposedly "once in 100 years" natural disasters that are happening, or it may just make more PR and economic sense, but it seems that more and more companies are finally waking up to the fact that their impact goes way beyond their office and equipment, and can fundamentally change the liveability of the planet for future generations.

For me this cannot come too soon. Having been a frantically recycling, local sourcing, cycle-riding tree hugger for some time, it's encouraging to see entities with far more power than me make commitments that will have a much larger impact.

Trees and water, all good stuff
Trees are good

It's easy to think that the digital service sector is a little guy in the greater scheme of things. We don't cause any hazardous chemical outflows, we're not (as a rule) employing undocumented citizens of under developed countries in dangerous sweatshops and we're those fluffy metropolitan types that take our reusable cups with us when we get our daily latte.

But every decision we make matters. We can make an impact by voting with our purse - buy from sustainable suppliers, and find out as much as you can about the ones you use for work related tasks too. Ask your facilities team, your HR dept, your boss - is there a sustainability council, and if not - can you set one up?

Within the digital advertising sector itself, there are various fantastic movements and people making huge inroads in making the digital sector more sustainable:

  • Good-Loop, which cleverly delivers funding for good causes PLUS higher ad engagement

  • #changethebrief and other initiatives from the Purpose Disruptors to add climate to the success consideration factors

  • Ad Net Zero from the IPA and the Advertising Association - working to reduce CO2 across the sector

  • The IPA's Media Climate Charter - with a CO2 calculator for media plans

  • WeAreAdGreen fighting the environmental impact of ad production

And as we in performance marketing know, if you don't measure it, it doesn't happen - so I've made my own commitment official in two ways for Mack Digital:

1) A new ethical and sustainability policy outlining how we will do business for the good of all, including the planet

2) We are starting the journey towards being a B Corp, which I will share over time. This is my statement now. Our score is 56.2, and we need to be 80 to start the B Corp qualification process. Watch this space for progress!

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